Matthew Bobbitt
A product of Walla Walla College's graphic design program, when an unfortunate car accident side-lined him in 2004 Matt focused his energies on his first love - story telling. Having written for film and video since middle-school, Matt developed a series of feature and short film scripts which ultimately led to the formation of Tangent Media Group as a means of bringing some of these projects to the screen. Matt is also putting the finishing touches on his first novel, The Second God, a science fiction adventure set in the near future. Matt has been an integral part in driving Tangent to ambitiously pursue creative challenges and embrace 'outside of the box' thinking. His drive and creative direction have resulted in projects like Tangent's famed "Green Army Men" project, always with the goal of producing surprising results from a humble source of a group of guys in an unassuming office above Main Street.


Daniel Guzman
Gaining valuable experience co-managing The Blast, one of Walla Walla's most successful bands in the early 2000s, and driven by a growing interest in merging his musical interests with motion-pictures, Daniel has been an integral part of Tangent Media Group since its inception. In the four years since the group was formed, Daniel has racked up numerous creative projects and short project credits in addition to his role of managing client relations. In this role Daniel is supremely effective, using experiences gained in managing a growing band to ensure that Tangent's clients are always kept well informed in a clear, timely, informative, and always courteous manner.